Winnie the Rescue Dog Guest Blog

LC (Little Cat) isn’t the only one who hides under the cowhide. You may have seen her cattail peeking out from under this exact spot on the Wordless Wednesday post. I took the kitty photo on Sunday when I went to my friends house for lunch

This evening I received these photos from my friend. Jen Salvatore sent them in response to Wordless Wednesday’s post.

Meet Winnie, the rescue dog.

Jen says:

Winnie…she’s our rescue dog…mostly part black lab/American pit bull.She like to play with her toys under there. 🙂

She’s was named after the movie Hocus Pocus…since she was a hopeful adoptee for October. We kept the name since she knew it. 🙂

Winnie takes a turn under the cowhide
photo by Jen
Winnie’s favorite hiding spot photo by Jen
Winnie the Rescue Dog photo by Jen

I told Jen the pics of her pets worked perfectly with the black and white hide and that a Golden Retriever’s coat just wouldn’t be the same.

Black Dog, White Kitchen Cupboard, Remote Cable and Presto-

Meet Charlotte- 1/2 Husky, 1/2 Shepherd.  The runt of the litter  four years ago at James’ sister Kim’s farm Red Rooster Acres. She was visiting her cousin Penny.

It was Sunday night visiting Laura and James before the Tony Monaco Show at the Rumba Cafe. I tried to photograph her in the living room, sans flash of course, and it was too dark.  So I asked if I could photograph her in the kitchen.  I had read that photographing a dog with black fur can be a challenge.

Using the white of the kitchen was the key and my new cable release.  And the cooperation and attention of Charlotte. I swear she smiled.  Thanks Shawn (James’ cousin) for allowing me to post her portrait today. When you look at her you can see she is not looking at me, but Shawn!

(My mother’s mother’s name,too)


Blog Gone to the Dogs Today

Ellie the Chihuahua. Up on Uncle Frank and Aunt Linda’s porch. She was watching that 1933 Plymouth pull out of the garage, too. Erika’s Aunt Georgeann has a new Chihuahua, about a year old. Rescued from somewhere out west.  I thought the capture of light on the fur was especially nice.  Thanks Ellie. Aunt Theresa calls her Ellie Mae.  She seemed to enjoy all the attention.

So many varieties of dogs.  People enjoy big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, short and  long dogs, short hair and long hair.  Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Boxers, Collies, Setters, Airedales, Italian Greyhounds, Schnauzers, Terriers, all sorts of Doodles, Retrievers and  Labs-  there are some fancy named dogs I can’t even spell.  Plus all the dogs who do service and work for and with humans.  Companions.

Some people aren’t into dogs at all.     Allergies.

Some prefer a cat.          More allergies.

Some people are afraid of dogs.   Some dogs,  you should be afraid!

Some people prefer no pet at all.     The very idea of  “pet dirt” makes them cringe.

But lots of people LOVE (and I mean LOVE) their dogs.

My co-worker Bonnie is partial to chihuahuas and my Illinois cousins and also my  friends J and M love their dachshunds- long or short hair.  From generation to generation some families have the same breed of dog.  But some dogs come from the shelter or the pound or are lost and found, no particular papers or pedigree but much loved by those who rescue them.  Another lucky dog today!

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Chihuahua Dog
Different Families Have Breeds They Prefer

Spot the Turtle is a Star!

At school I have a nice neighbor.  It makes a difference when someone is glad to see you and says hello. Cares about how you are… I get to school and the room is undone cause the music teacher moved all the tables(we share the room) and my neighbor, Ms. P, comes over and pitches in,  lends a hand to get it set up in two  minutes flat! WOW!   And today Ms. P had a sub for later in the day when she went to a training/ her sub, Ms. H offered to clean the turtle’s aquarium, just needed an apron and some gloves. So Spot was out of his home for a time and I went and got the camera. At first he was shy and seemed uninterested in my attention and then he started to open his mouth in a threatening/welcoming(?) gesture.  Spot lives across the hall in the First Grade Classroom- 214.  He is a shared pet.  A Duquesne U professor has him part of the time.  Spot is an interesting creature and looks like a remnant from prehistoric times..

Not sure if he wanted a close-up!
What an interesting creature. His underside is covered with the most wonderful pattern.

Tasha Nicole, Rat Terrier, Flies DELTA- Exclusively!

Flight from Spokane to Minneapolis- ready to be stowed under the seat in front of her to prepare for takeoff.   I met my traveling companions. Turns out Delta Airlines is Pet Friendly. Must weigh under seventeen pounds, though.   A first for me (to see a dog on a plane) seems Tasha Nicole is a seasoned flier.  Very well behaved I will add. Not a sound, she slept the whole way unlike the kids in the row across the aisle and up one!  Oh my.    And Sunday August 15th is TN’s 9th birthday, too.

I asked permission to photograph and blog and her gracious owner agreed.

I heard about a book on the radio last year, One Nation Under Dog by Michael Schaffer.   When I was growing up I remember some dogs lived outside in a doghouse.

Other airlines charge $150 each way! DELTA deemed "Pet Friendly".