Proud to be Born in Florida

(Blog follower and Floridian friend Kristin, my guest blogger the other day with with gators on Christmas, is going to enjoy this photograph)

Michael is the only grandchild born in Florida and he’s proud of it.

I was fortunate he was an August baby and I hadn’t started back to school yet so I was on the scene to take care of big sister Anna when Mom and Dad went to the hospital.

The family has a Pittsburgher, two Buckeyes and a Floridian.

This Christmas Santa helped Michael get the proper gear to represent The University Florida Gators.

No one else in Columbus Ohio is sporting these colors around town.  They’re all in scarlet and gray, right Rob?

What is your team?

Proud to be born in Florida

13 thoughts on “Proud to be Born in Florida

  1. Awesome, Michael- now I will keep my eyes open for Gator stuff. Many of our neighbors are proud Gator fans.

  2. I agree, when I saw this, I immediately (after thinking how cute he is!!) thought of my Mom and, alas, she posted the first comment!

  3. Black and Gold is the only way to go! But he is such a cutie pie we’ll give him a pass.

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