13 thoughts on “Winter Sun on a Chain Link Fence

  1. You keep finding Sun to photograph and our skies have been nothing but gray. Today was another dismal day, although at least there was no rain. or snow. Keep finding and taking pictures of sunlit scenes, Ruth, It will remind us that these gray days are numbered.

  2. I’ve always loved the pattern of a chain link over a landscape. I also live the pattern if a metal screen when taken really close up.

  3. You always amaze me how you capture the beauty of simple things in our lives. People pass by chain link fences everyday and some people even think they are ugly. You just have a wonderful way of finding beauty in everything. Because of you I look any many things differently now, and I wonder, at 63 yrs of age how many beautiful things I have missed in my life because I just “didn’t see it”. Thanks.

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