Michael, 7, Master LEGO® Builder

Sunday afternoon, Michael, 7, asked me if I would photograph his LEGO® vehicle and put it on the blog.

Now how can any grandma resist that invitation?   Michael loves to create, construct and play with LEGO®.  We just don’t like stepping on them.


(I pronounced him the “master” LEGO® builder although there might be an official designation with a credential he’d have to earn from LEGO® U)


LEGO vehicle

The close-up of the vehicle.  In the background? When I looked at the photo on the computer screen I noticed my father’s rocking chair in my son Mark’s office.

Star Wars LEGO®

Here is the first photo, when Michael  called down to me and asked me if I would photograph his STAR WARS LEGO® vehicle and put it on the blog.

I said, sure.

Then he came down the stairs and put on the finishing touches so I could shoot it.  It tickles me how the grandchildren know all about the blog.

Friday night, four year old Maura told me I could bring my computer to her room and blog before bed.  (That’s Maura on the bottom right with a hockey stick, climbing up the stairs.)

Master LEGO® Builder

12 thoughts on “Michael, 7, Master LEGO® Builder

  1. Way to go Grandma! Michael’s smile says it all. Lego sure have come lightyears from what they were like when I was Michael’s age We were happy to build a house.

  2. Michael’s creation is wonderful! He looks like a complex mix of all things good: he can be focused, is serious yet has a sense of humor, and is a deep thinker. I suspect he would be good in math, since he likes meticulous constructions, and he is probably a creative writer.

    How did I do?

    (I’ll be away all day.. am about to leave the house, but wanted to send the message that I loved Michael’s creative talents! I also love his smile!


    • Thank you. I just read your comment to Michael and he is beaming. I am here for a visit. You did great. He is a wonderful boy(!

  3. Wow! Really great creation Michael! I think you definitely deserve the “master” title.

  4. I think it’s lovely that your family is so willingly active in/on your blog! Cool to have that interest and support. Many bloggers are envious. 🙂

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