Miniature Sprinkles Cupcake and Clementine Scene

Once again inspired by Christopher Boffoli and his tiny food worlds.

I had taken the cupcakes and fruit into school on the student teacher’s last day.  The little HO train people were in my desk.

I thought “food scape”  and some students photographed the little people shoveling in the icing.  But I thought it might look like a food museum and there were falling sprinkles to be mindful of so

the little hand-painted mom picked up her baby out of the stroller and held it close.   Maybe she is waiting for transportation.

Miniature Cupcake and sprinkles

10 thoughts on “Miniature Sprinkles Cupcake and Clementine Scene

  1. I like your mixing a good food (fruit) with a questionable (????) carb! I love both and if there was a choice, I’d take the cupcake because I can’t resist cake!

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