Need an Ohio Spider ID

How do you feel about spiders?

Found under the kids’ sandbox when cleaned out on Sunday.  Not sure if it is a biting spider or not.  I had no idea there were so many types of spiders in the world.

Looked at some photos online but started to feel confused.  Hope someone can tell what kind of a spider he is and if we should worry he is making his home underneath the sandbox.

Anyone have a clue?

I remember reading the kids a book when they were little  –Be Nice To Spiders.

Ohio Spider

18 thoughts on “Need an Ohio Spider ID

  1. Oh my gosh!! That’s some wicked looking spider!! WOuld have scared Miss Muffet away for sure! Don’t know what kind it is, so I offer no help.

  2. A entomologist would know instantly… where is one ???? I googled “red spiders” and there are VERY MANY … check this : – Maybe google “orange” spiders.
    I did not see one that looked exactly like yours but from observing my own garden spiders I know that the sexes are different and that they change shape and color over their Summer growth. They feed on other insect pests and are useful in that respect. I have generally put my limit at the front door, they cross that and zap, they are gone.

  3. I have no idea what spider that is; but I agree with the others, it looks kinda ‘mean’. I’m not a hge spider fan, but I can tolerate them long enough to scoop them up and relocate them to the outdoors.

  4. I agree with Chicago John — the only good spider is a dead spider!! I used to love the book Charlotte’s web, though, and for awhile thought a split second too long for the spider in question to get away! They love my garage! My pest control company puts those sticky boxes out to trap them. What was the saying on the Roach Motel? They check in but they never check out!!

  5. Don’t know what kind it is, but when I was a kid I would catch them and the big black spiders and make them fight. I always called them bean spiders do to the fact they look like they have a bean for a back. Btw they always win against the black spiders because they have large fangs

  6. Found out the kind Dysdera crocata, harmless, which I am very glad for, found one in my bathroom this morning, and I live in a city. Thanks for the pictures to ID.

  7. My previous apartment was infested with spiders. Hence why I said my previous apartment. It had black spiders that reminded me of smaller versions of tarantula.. We had these spiders aswell woodlouse or however it’s spelled, and what drive me away were the brown recluse. Having a little one it was just to much. But the woodlouse are harmless although the bites are rather painful

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