Bob and Whiskers – 1955 – Guest Blog Post

This guest post is in response to Murphy the Airedale’s passing. We are grateful to so many friends and followers for their lovely email and text messages and comments on the blogpost, too.  Many of you have experienced pet loss and understand how painful it is.

On Wednesday morning, my neighbor Bob (from across the hall at school) brought me a copy of this wonderful photograph with 1955 written in the margin.   It touched me so.   Later in the afternoon I asked if I could please share it on the blog.  

Here is what Bob wrote for the blog when I asked if  it would be okay to post………..

This picture of my dog Whiskers and me was taken in 1955 with an second-hand camera that had light leak. My oldest sister took this photo. He was a mixed terrier.  On July 4th, 1957 my pal was attacked by a very large German Shepherd and he passed away 2 days later. I was 6 in this picture. My buddy was 5.

After 58 years, I have never forgotten what a great family member he was and I still miss him.  This is on the Southside of Pittsburgh.

My face and hands and my pup were as dirty as the air we breathed back then.

There was a song on the radio that came out just about the time of my dog’s passing.  It was ” I’m saving my money to buy you a rainbow“.  Whenever I hear or think of that song, it takes me back to those wonderful days with my dog Whiskers, when “life was in black and white”.

Whiskers and Bob 1955

Thanks for your kind sympathy Bob.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness to me and also my family as we grieve the loss of dear Murphy.

12 thoughts on “Bob and Whiskers – 1955 – Guest Blog Post

  1. A wonderful touching blog. It makes me feel like I missed something by not having a pet growing up.

  2. I got goose bumps after reading that touching story and seeing that wonderful photo. How dear our pets are to us.

  3. Wonderful photo. Thank you for sharing your memory of Whiskers- and the 50’s — a great time to grow up in the Midwest.

  4. Ruth, it must be very moving to have people share such personal memories after following your blog. Great photos, beautiful story.

  5. What a wonderful image, and wonderful words to accompany it. It’s amazing the precious power a dog (or dogs) can have in a person’s life.

  6. That little boy in the photo is my Dad…what a great photo and what a wonderful Dad I have! I know Whiskers is running around and playing with our other pups we have lost<3

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