Pyramid of LED Lights on the Gulf Tower, Change with the Weather

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Thank you for the thoughtful expressions of sympathy, your comments and emails yesterday, on the passing of Murphy the Airedale.  

It means a lot to the whole family to read such an outpouring of love, care and concern.  Your words offer comfort and understanding.   xxoo Ruth


For years the Gulf Tower Building ( built in 1930) had a beacon that displayed the weather- red lights for fair  or blue lights for precipitation

Now The Gulf Tower has a fancy installation of programmed LED lights that change with the holidays, sporting events and  special occasions but still tell the weather at five minutes before the hour. The combination of lights can produce any color.

Designed by Cindy Limauro,  professor of lighting design at Carnegie Mellon University and husband, Christopher Popowich, partners in C&C Lighting LLC.

Read more: at the Post Gazette article with a chart telling how to”read” the lights.

From the Train Station

This  photo was taken  from my car window while waiting or my sister to buy her train ticket back to NYC at the AMTRAK station downtown.


8 thoughts on “Pyramid of LED Lights on the Gulf Tower, Change with the Weather

  1. Wonderful shot! I only knew what the red and blue meant. Thanks for sharing the meaning of the other colors.


  2. I wish that we (people) have such a lightning, for instance, on our heads-sometimes. Not depending on the weather, but of our mood. It can be a practical thing for the others (if it’s red, don’t come near; if it’s light blue, come on, let’s go for a walk !)

  3. When I was a little girl, my parents actually used to tell me to outside and look at the Gulf Building to determine what the weather was going to be! Red = warm/hot/sunny. Blue = cool/cold/rainy/snowy. Where I lived, we paid attention to lights on the top of the Gulf Building.

  4. Thanks for another revival of childhood memory: I am sitting in the back seat while my dad drives along the Ohio River and my mom tells us the weather based on the Gulf Building colors!

  5. We have a stack of LED lights at the top of one of my employer’s headquarters buildings that can display any number of unique images. I don’t know that the lights have ever told the weather, though…

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