City County Building Hosts Pittsburgh Carrick High School Art Show

Update:  5-13-13   

Just added this gorgeous  panorama photographed by Instructional Team Leader for the Fine Arts Department -Michael Dean.

Panorama Pittsburgh Carrick Art Show



The Pittsburgh Carrick High School student Art Show is hung and waiting for the Monday opening reception at 5:30.
Anyone who works in this magnificent building will get a sneak peek during the day. There were ten of us working most of the day Saturday to hang the art and place the tags by each piece.
Awards ceremony is Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Sponsored by CITIPARKS!

How about those Tiffany columns? The marble, the windows, the painted ceiling? And all the student artwork? Wow!

I can’t wait for the students to see their artwork on display in such a wonderful setting.


There will be refreshments at the reception.


Everything looks great!


You have to see it in person to get the full experience.



If you are in the city, please come see the amazing student artwork.
(Parking downtown gets cheap after 5)

Remembering our mothers every day of the year



19 thoughts on “City County Building Hosts Pittsburgh Carrick High School Art Show

  1. Oh my goodness! Wonderful!!!! ….. right down to the last adorable surprise !!!!!
    It is worth a trip to town and I’ll put it on my calendar for next week! xoxoxox


  2. How long will it be there – we are flying in from Austin on Monday so we won’t make it for the opening but I will definitely get down there.


  3. Yet another reason I know you are one of the best Art teachers in the city. Ruth only a true artist can get children to love and create the way you do. Beautiful job, and Happy Mother’s day.


  4. What a setting for a student art show! That building is magnificent and a reminder that new is always better. I hope you’re having a wonderful Mothers Day, Ruth.


  5. It looks great. These kids are so lucky to have you at Carrick High. Thanks for being such a great teacher.


  6. I’d like to see the high school from the outside, because the inside looks phenomenal! And the art show is really amazing!


    • This is a city/county government building downtown. The high school is just an ordinary building, nothing this magnificent. The High School Art Show was on display in this building but it is offices and courts.


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