Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Pattern.  This week I actually took a few photos to respond to the weekly challenge instead of sifting through the archives.

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day with an unexpected trip to meet the family at The Wilds in Cumberland OH but stay tuned for that post.   No time for uploading tonight.  Using the iPhone camera tonight, looking around the kitchen for patterns.  Came upstairs and saw the afghan on the bed.  Impromptu pattern photos.

Traffic pattern-  coming back from The Wilds we were totally stopped on Interstate 70 around Zanesville.

Traffic Pattern



China pattern.   I used to like the idea of mismatched china.  Service for 12 in twelve different patterns.  It was an idea.

China patterns

Silver Pattern.  My grandmother’s Moonglow and some random pattern in my drawer.  Used to be you would select a silver pattern when you were getting married.  Lots of couples choose stainless these days.

Silver Pattern



Knitting, Sewing and Smocking Patterns from yesteryear-  another life.  I used to do all these things when the kids were small.  I still knit.



Knitting Smocking and Sewing Patterns
Knitting Smocking and Sewing Patterns



Pattern in Nature

apple Star



A Chevron pattern– the crocheted afghan that a coworker’s mother made for my mother.  I call it the Good and Plenty afghan.


Chevron Pattern



Pattern in the lid of the jam, sitting on the kitchen table



You can see some wonderful pattern in fellow blogger’s posts for the challenge this week

Waterlilies and driftwood 

Light through Glass Block Windows

Roofs in the Netherlands

Carpets Architecture Leaves and Details

Patterns in Lisbon

Patterns in Nature

The patterns of Wat Sene

Beach Patterns

and see Rockaway Six Months After Sandy at Nylondaze



20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

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  2. I always loved your idea of a different pattern of china at each place setting. I thought it would make for a beautiful table.

  3. Hi Ruth! My silver pattern was picked for me when I was born and I received pieces as birthday and Christmas presents from my two godmothers. When I got married, my mother and I picked a stainless pattern that best matched my silver one. That was an interesting (and very generous!) tradition, I guess. I love the mixed china patterns and often do this at our cabin.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day! I love your blog.

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  5. Great patterns! I was wondering if you would show an old Simplicity or Vogue pattern. Liked the smocking and knitting patterns.

  6. This is a challenge well that seems tailor-made for you, Ruth. You’ve such a great eye that this must have been a breeze. I think the hard part for you would have been to “cull the herd” to a representative few. 🙂

  7. So many wonderful memories in all of these patterns. I love your comment about the knitting patterns etc belonging to “another life” !

    Thank you Ruth for the ping back about Rockaway !

  8. wonderful ….. loved every pattern and your ideas about what has patterns, or where the word is used ……”What china pattern did you choose? What silver pattern?” 🙂

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