The Wilds, Cumberland Ohio

Mark and Erika called Saturday night and suggested we meet up at The Wilds.   Cumberland Ohio.  I took the New Concord Exit on I-70.

I said, sure I’ll meet you there! I was excited cause it was unexpected.  And who knew this place was so interesting?

It was about 130 miles for me to drive there and they drove about 90.  We took a 2 1/2 hour bus ride tour throughout the 10,000 acres and saw lots of wonderful animals.  Most are endangered in the wild and this conservation facility(non-profit) gives them the protected place to reproduce.  It was a beautiful day.

Bactrian Camel

Bactrian Camels- Mother and Child     (Yes, this was photographed in Ohio)

Przewalski Wild Horse

Przewalksi Wild Horse- a female

Sichuan Takin

Sichuan Takin


Zebras- Buck and bray a bit while the one looks on


Bison running away from our bus


25 cents in a machine and you can get food for the catfish.  They act like they have never eaten before or will they ever eat again. I know these were Jack’s favorite.

catfish close up

The catfish are not particularly attractive to me.


Rhinoceros family time.   Our guide says there skin is really soft. A group of rhino is called a CRASH.

All photos taken with a Canon 70-200 mm L series lens on a Canon 5D


Our knowledgeable guide Rob.

Ordinary Rabbit

And an ordinary rabbit.  Not endangered.




And if you want to travel with us on the bus, Anna captured a two minute segment of the tour!  Thanks Anna for the videoing,

12 thoughts on “The Wilds, Cumberland Ohio

  1. I’d no idea there was an animal park like this in Ohio. It’s the perfect spot for a family outing. How nice that you were able to meet your family there and share the experience.

  2. Who knew???? Great photos of exotic animals IN OHIO!!!!!! Thanks for adding the rabbit – adorable!

  3. Great family outing. Excellent photos. I missed this tour last year, but I’m planning on visiting it on June 26th. After your wonderful photos, I can’t wait.


  4. Amazing. What a FUN outing. Most photographers endure very long flights to capture photos of these animals. Way to go Ruthie

  5. I wish I had known about this park when I lived in Pittsburgh. We would have gone right over to visit.
    It looks like such a cool place! Thanks for sharing.

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