Bronze Elevator Doors in the City County Building, Pittsburgh PA

Sometimes you see something on the fly-  take a quick picture and later you think, oh,

I should have taken a little more time, shot more views or gotten better photographs as you review what you captured.

I left these  photos the way I took them-  a bit crooked, a partial door- as a reminder to take my time and get the detail, watch the angle,

*note to self– take a few more pictures when you see something magnificent, unusual and interesting.  Take the entire door in the frame!

When we hung the art show at the City County Building downtown Pittsburgh, we were getting into the elevators and I took a couple of photographs of the bronze elevator doors.  You almost felt like you were in Florence.

 Henry Hornbostel was the architect of the building (and about fifty other building that are still in the city) but I couldn’t find who designed and sculptured/cast the elevator doors specifically.  They were amazing to see. Figures with earlier government buildings in hand.  Definitely need to get to the Carnegie Library for some detailed research but just look at the doors and think about how they don’t make buildings like this anymore. There’s a lot of history in the story of the doors that I don’t have at hand.  Details later.

Brass vs. Bronze the difference in the two metals information here



Elevators sign

elevator doors




detail of elevator door






detail elevator door

13 thoughts on “Bronze Elevator Doors in the City County Building, Pittsburgh PA

  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! I agree with John, these doors also have historic value. They don’t make them like they use to.


  2. Those doors are beautiful. I wonder how many people walk by and don’t even notice them.

  3. The children holding the buildings look funny to me – this feels like an adult’s job. Cool attention to detail Miss Ruth!

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