Mazeroski in Moonlight, After the Prom

Pittsburgh Carrick 2013 Senior Prom was held at the Lexus Club at PNC Park tonight.

I went and took pictures of the kids and it was a great evening.  My friend Steve picked me up and then had to turn the car around to be in the homeward direction.

This is what we saw at the circle by the Bill Mazeroski statue-

I got out into the chilly air and took a few shots.  The clouds kept drifting over the moon, making the clouds luminous.

Mazeroski Statue






In case you don’t know about the Greatest Home Run Ever   Here’s the youtube video of Bill Mazeroski running to home in the 1960 World Series


7 thoughts on “Mazeroski in Moonlight, After the Prom

  1. Amazing picture. I would run too if the sky opened up like that. With the clouds just so it looks as though Frankenstein’s monster is about to come to life in the penthouse of that building.

  2. That is one absolutely stunning shot Ruth! Thanks for the video as well and for sharing hon. Have a great weekend. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. What can I say! A stunning picture! My favorite player. I was at the dedication of that statue. The Reinfeld’s have a leaf on the wall. You made my day!

  4. OH MY RUTH! This photo is just excellent. I love the background with the moon and the clouds over the Highmark Building. This photo you “Must” add to your collection for gallery display.


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