Popped on the Stovetop

My DIL bought Non-GMO Organic popcorn in the bulk section of Whole Foods for $2 a pound.

The family hasn’t eaten popcorn on family movie night for more than a year.  Since my mom hailed from Illinois we had popcorn when I was growing up- apples and milk on Sunday nights.  At Christmas my parents gave bags of strawberry popcorn kernels grown in Durand, Illinois and it was so tender and good.

I know popcorn isn’t the snack food of choice for many and isn’t eaten or popular in some places.

My sister missed the popcorn gene and doesn’t care for it and I don’t remember my dad eating it except when my mom coated it with molasses syrup cooked up until it spun a thread.  (not very often)  I know I don’t care for microwave popcorn.  Have to make it on the stovetop.

Tonight while visiting the family,  I made the first batch for the grandkids, opening the brown paper bag and finding a variety of colors and sizes of popcorn kernels.

It was so inviting. My phone was handy.

Tried to catch it popping but didn’t get past the second kernel exploding. I used a larger pan than I would at my own home, more like a pasta pot.

Organic Popcorn




A single kernel bursts opensingle kernel popped




the second kernel burst. then it was get that lid on quick!

second kernel popped





Look at the variety of colors. No butter on it to make it that yellow. Just plain.

popcorn popped


Maura age 4 1/2 photographed  Grandma, using the phone as I took the popcorn off the stove.

photographed by Maura age 4


What I used to cook the popcorn.  A generous tablespoon melted on medium high heat.  About 3/4 c of popcorn.  I stirred the kernels with a wooden spatula so it wouldn’t burn.


Organic Coconut Oil



It was a fun time and the house smelled fragrant.  Only one out of four grandchildren wanted salt on it!  I thought that was interesting.

With what snack do you like to treat yourself??





12 thoughts on “Popped on the Stovetop

  1. It looked so pretty before you cooked it, and then the transformation. It’s a kind of magic! I’ve never been a fan of the plain variety but maybe I’ve never tasted a good one? I do rather like the syrupy golden stuff you can buy ready packed though. 🙂

  2. Strawberry Popcorn Kernels???? I would love to try that 😀 Popcorn wasn’t my favorite snack food when watching movie at home, that was before I met my husband who is a big fan of it – and so now I am fond of experimenting on different flavors at home. 🙂 A lovely post, it’s nostalgic!

  3. Great set of shots, Ruth. Love Maura’s contribution. I remember, pre-Jiffy Pop days, when Mom would pop popcorn for us and every now and then, remove the lid and send a kernel or two shooting across the kitchen. We kids went after it as if it was a gold nugget. I don’t eat if much anymore, unless I’m at the movies — and that’s the absolute worst to eat.

  4. I love popcorn but only cooked ok the stove with minimal salt. Your looks delicious. I will try it with coconut oil.

  5. I like popcorn but it seems I am the only one in the family. I think they don’t like the texture.

  6. I’ve never heard of Strawberry Popcorn seeds before, but they look and sound wonderful. I wish I’d been there to try some. 🙂 Great pics, Ruth.

  7. I am pleased to report that the popcorn gene is expressed in my genotype. Thank goodness your grandchildren had a rare chance to indulge in the Snack of the Gods 🙂

  8. The kernels look beautiful! (Both popped and unpopped.) I’ve never had coconut oil on popcorn; does that make it taste kind of sweet? I’d definitely need some salt on it, though. 🙂

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