Classic QUICK Lunch in BERLIN

Currywurst and pomme frites.

Bratwurst with mustard on brochen


Standing outside on the corner across from  KaDeWe.

or very own mini October Fest. Oh that’s right, it’s November. 

83A25A7C-6DC7-4DA0-AAEB-8C4374B4BABFBeen total veg for more than two weeks. A single bratwurst in the final week of Berlin visit. Cheers!

I Looked Over at Lunch and Saw her Cheezits – Organized!

My wonderful student teacher Miss E (you are supposed to say Preservice these days) had her last day on Friday.

She is a very organized person and did a great job at our high school.  The students are missing her this week.  She is graduating from Penn State this weekend.  (Congrats, Miss E!!)d

The other day we sat at lunch and I looked over and she had arranged her orange Cheezits in a pattern.

It looked like a Jeopardy board, a quilt, all line up so neatly.

Ms.L asked her if she HAD to do that in order to eat them and the answer is NO!

Of course, I asked if I could take a photograph of the design.

Art at lunch.

Miss E's Cheezits



Popped on the Stovetop

My DIL bought Non-GMO Organic popcorn in the bulk section of Whole Foods for $2 a pound.

The family hasn’t eaten popcorn on family movie night for more than a year.  Since my mom hailed from Illinois we had popcorn when I was growing up- apples and milk on Sunday nights.  At Christmas my parents gave bags of strawberry popcorn kernels grown in Durand, Illinois and it was so tender and good.

I know popcorn isn’t the snack food of choice for many and isn’t eaten or popular in some places.

My sister missed the popcorn gene and doesn’t care for it and I don’t remember my dad eating it except when my mom coated it with molasses syrup cooked up until it spun a thread.  (not very often)  I know I don’t care for microwave popcorn.  Have to make it on the stovetop.

Tonight while visiting the family,  I made the first batch for the grandkids, opening the brown paper bag and finding a variety of colors and sizes of popcorn kernels.

It was so inviting. My phone was handy.

Tried to catch it popping but didn’t get past the second kernel exploding. I used a larger pan than I would at my own home, more like a pasta pot.

Organic Popcorn




A single kernel bursts opensingle kernel popped




the second kernel burst. then it was get that lid on quick!

second kernel popped





Look at the variety of colors. No butter on it to make it that yellow. Just plain.

popcorn popped


Maura age 4 1/2 photographed  Grandma, using the phone as I took the popcorn off the stove.

photographed by Maura age 4


What I used to cook the popcorn.  A generous tablespoon melted on medium high heat.  About 3/4 c of popcorn.  I stirred the kernels with a wooden spatula so it wouldn’t burn.


Organic Coconut Oil



It was a fun time and the house smelled fragrant.  Only one out of four grandchildren wanted salt on it!  I thought that was interesting.

With what snack do you like to treat yourself??





New York City Sidewalk Pickle Vendor

I walked by. Looked back. Took the shot.

My friend Joyce is really good at street photography.  I feel self-conscious and awkward a lot of the time.  I shot this man purchasing a pickle from one of the barrels.  I haven’t seen a pickle vendor on the street before although I did see someone deep fry a pickle at the Ohio State Fair.


The word is funny to me.
Don’t hear it much
about someone getting themselves
in a real pickle.
Barrels of pickles
lined up on a table
under a tent.
Sweet, sour, Kosher dill.
Bread and butter, gherkins,
hamburger sliced.
Pickled eggs in a jar on a bar
Pickled beets.
I made some once.