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Saturday afternoon Steve asked me if I wanted to take that Ducky Tour we had seen last week when we were downtown at the Arts Festival.

After a moment’s hesitation I threw on some clothes and we went.  What a good idea.

Had to wait and hour and a half for the next available tour as the weather was great and everyone was out. We sipped a Yuengling at the Hard Rock Cafe and then made our way to the line that was forming at flag #3 for our boat.

We had a lot of fun. It was so enjoyable.  Especially the rivers part.  Steve said he would definitely go again.

Everyone looks at you as you drive past and then you all quack like a duck so if you aren’t in a cheery disposition or that seems too too corny, don’t go.  It was really funny and fun and I documented the experience with the camera.

The feeling of driving into the river and leaving land was really a cool sensation.  And now I know where to take the grandchildren when they come to visit the city.  They would love taking a Just Ducky Tour.

Did you see the movie Saving Private Ryan? the driver asked.

Just Ducky Tours Amphibious Vehicles HistoryDucky Tour Vehicle


All six boats drive off at about the same time, like a convoy

the driver's seat






Self portrait


Self portrait in the rearview mirror




Tour Guide Cait


Tour guide Cait finds some humor to entertain the tourists.  Us!









sculptures at Station Square


Salvaged from a building? Who are these figures and what are they doing?



Smithfield Bridge


Historic Landmark Smithfield Bridge



Waiting for the Bus







Downtown Building Reflections



First you drive around downtown and see everything you know from a different vantage point.



PPG Plaza Fountain


PPG Plaza and fountain.




Man crossing the street


Looks like a character from a novel.








Parking Lot


Headed to find her car in the parking lot.










Blimp and PPG


The Blimp and PPG building



Entering the Mon River




Driving down the Mon Wharf, right into the Monongahela River!




Fort Pitt Bridge


Underneath the Fort Pitt Bridge





Point Park Fountain


The fountain is working again.




Just Ducky Tour Boat


What a Just Ducky Tour Boat looks like on the river.




Just Ducky Tour


There are the companion Ducky Tourists.

We were on the Monongahela, The Allegheny and the Ohio Rivers. RIght at the point.







Driving out of the River



What it looks like when the amphibious vehicle drives out of the Monongahela River.



Just Ducky Tour



Right next to us on the road.  Watch that Baby!!!

Bicycles on Smithfield Bridge






Back at STation Square


Returned safely to Station Square.

They told us NO one has had to use a life jacket in the 16 years of Just Ducky Tours.  I took some photos of people driving the boat and am emailing them their pic.

Quack Quack Quack!



23 thoughts on “Tourists in Our Own City- Just Ducky Tours

  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing tour! I wish we had these ducky tours in our city. Always nice to feel like a tourist, kind of makes you feel like you’re on holidays doesn’t it 🙂

  2. A Ducky Tour sounds like it would be a blast! What fun! One of the best things about having family & friends visiting Chicago is that, as tour guide, I get to see all the sights, too. Living here, about the only time I see most of them is when I play tour guide. 🙂

  3. Our grandkids love the Just Ducky Tour. Did you get to drive the boat? The kids all loved doing that, and getting a sticker. They didn’t always stay a straight course, though! Quack, quack, quack!! We have taken so many visitors on that ride – tour guides – the way ChgoJohn mentioned. Your pictures really captured the experience – so much fun!!! All of the drivers and guides are great, by the way!

  4. What a fun tour that was indeed Ruth! Loved the photo’s hon and you’ve captured the scenes so well. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

  5. Great fun, great tour and you make a wonderful guide through your photos. The family and I are also planning on taking this Just Ducky tour as well.


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