How Many Hot Dogs in Ten Minutes?

Food eating contests aren’t really my thing- in fact, I don’t understand the urge to prepare and practice for such an event! Or what one might feel like afterwards.

But today when my sister pointed out this sign, I tried to fathom what the numbers meant.  And the countdown ’til July 4th is visible on this sign.

My sister found a stat on a guy who in 1972 ate 19 and in 2012 the guy ate 68!  That’s quite an increase in consumption.

Did I mention that this effort takes place in TEN MINUTES time???    I don’t even want to witness this contest in person but I find it amazing that it exists.

This is an INTERNATIONAL contest. You can read more about it here  And yes, there is an International Federation of Competitive Eating  who approves such contests.

You don’t just show up. You have to qualify. Joey Chestnut has been winning since 2007 but competition is nipping at his heels.

There’s a female champion, Sonya Thomas.

A little controversy- this guy’s photo was removed from the sign in 2011 and  last year Takeru Kobayashi wasn’t allowed to compete and ate hot dogs on the rooftop in Manhattan?  Check out his other food competitions if you wish- includes cow brains and Twinkies but not eaten simultaneously, different contests at this link.    My sister said when he is not competing he eats cabbage and fasts. Good plan.

He pioneered the Solomon Method- break in half and eat both halves at once then eat the bun.  (or something like that)

  You can jump and down while you eat them.  Or sway side to side.

Hot Dog Eating Countdown Sign



Mary found the sign AFTER we had each consumed one hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard.  I was reminiscing about visiting Nathan’s on Coney Island with my 3 kids in November 1991. When we were there at Thanksgiving the place was deserted.

Two of Nathan's hot dogs




And if hot dogs aren’t for you there are the frog legs….

(note the calories listed on each menu item)

Frog Legs on the Menu







Nathan's Sign






Famous Frankfurters





Nathan's World Famous

8 thoughts on “How Many Hot Dogs in Ten Minutes?

  1. I can only watch a few seconds of these contests, Ruth. It’s just too much! I prefer to enjoy my hot dogs the time-honored way: slowly and, when finished, taking a few minutes to wipe the glob of yellow mustard off the front of my shirt.

    • I have never watched one but in researching tonight for the post, my sister saw some on YouTube. I averted my eyes. Just thinking about it could make one feel vaguely unwell. I don’t understand how anyone would want to do competitive eating.

  2. What I wouldn’t do for one of those sauerkraut dogs…delicious! I agree with ChgoJohn, it’s almost too much to watch these contests. 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes…it’s hard to imagine how that is accomplished.

  3. an increase in consumption…
    your president today is in Berlin, his speech: at the Brandenburger Tor. Then eating – for sure not in a Hamburger restaurant …

  4. I think I’ll stick to those hotdogs. They looks delicious and I will eat them very slowly and savour the taste. 😀
    Dunno about those “frog legs”. LOL! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous shots Ruth! I truly enjoyed. 😀 *hugs*

  5. Pittsburgh held it’s Nathan hot dog eating contest in Market Square on June 12. Didn’t have a desire to see it although I am a lover of hot dogs. Love your photos.


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