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There- I put it right in the title – Horse Piss Beer-  so there are no surprises about the photo of the day.  I try to keep things family friendly on the blog but this is about family.

My son Mark is on business in Kentucky and sent me this on the phone tonight.  He’s near Lexington.  I love when my family sends me a photo and says “for the blog” and the other reason I’m posting-

My dad always told us that beer tasted like horse piss.  I think that was to make us not want to drink it.  Now he was born in 1912 in Farmersville Illinois and grew up on a farm that included horses but I doubt he actually tasted the urine from any horse. My parents didn’t drink but my father’s father surely did and that is why my dad did not.  So maybe he knew what he was talking about, the taste was like the scent?  One of the reviews of the beer said it smells like tomatoes.

This is not an endorsement for drinking this golden colored brew ( I went and read a few reviews and am not seeking a sample!) but their website states

“Horse Piss Beer is dedicated to helping others.  A percentage of the sales of the beer and merchandise will be donated to help disabled jockeys and adoption programs for our equine friends.”

My father and his warnings about the taste of beer made me feel my dad was sending me a message with Mark’s photo. Seriously.  And so I share it with you.

Horse Piss Beer


and a photo I took in a backyard at a birthday party almost two weeks ago (thanks BJ and T)



7 thoughts on “Horse Piss Beer Near Lexington KY- Guest Blog

  1. My parents never used that line, but come to think of it I never remember them drinking beer. Maybe more parents should use that line on their kids.

  2. It’s funny how certain things remind us of the people we love. Earlier this week I saw a glass jar near a cash register full of a specific type of gummy candies that my dad used to eat a lot of – so I snapped a quick pic and sent it to him, and let him I know I was thinking of him in that moment. It’s a “simple” gesture, but also a powerfully kind one. 🙂

  3. No beer here. Tried it & didn’t like it. I know – not all beers taste the same. But – I’m good 🙂
    LOL on the pic. I think it’s cool that your fam sends you photos for the blog!

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