It’s a Blimp!

Three of the kids were playing in the sandbox and backyard tent when we saw and heard this blimp.  They were really excited.  It was going back and forth and all around. I had seen it earlier on Polaris Parkway but thought it was a tethered balloon for a used car place or something like that.

I shot the first with the phone and the second with the Canon 5D.  I think the phone pic looks pretty good. But the larger file could withstand a crop to read the blimp’s lettering which we could not with our eye.

So it’s beer, day two!










And the advertising said:


Designate a Driver

(A crop from the photo above)

Budweiser Blimp

7 thoughts on “It’s a Blimp!

  1. I love how the kids still are curious for new things they might only have seen on photos before – I remember at same age when I saw something new in the air – Wonderful photos !!!

  2. I still get excited when I see a blimp. Maybe because when you see one that means something special is happening.

  3. Two days of alcohol, both involving family, and one involving minors? And here I thought this was a family-friendly blog… 😉

    Cool pics. I like the first image of the kids running towards the blimp.

    • It was. Roll out those lazy crazy days of summer…..those days of soda and pretzels and ___________ (Nat King Cole)

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