Chalk the Block – Easton Ohio

We were having a special afternoon at the Easton Mall, Laura, Anna and I.  A beautiful autumn day.

And the artists were out in force, “chalking the block as we headed to eat lunch. Chalk drawing dates back to prehistoric times.

I spoke with Mr. Jose Bastidas from Ecuador about his artwork and unfortunately didn’t get to see the finished pieces.

Some farther along than others. There was a lot of excitement as the forty artists started to work.

You could vote for your favorite, cast a ballot.  Awards are on Sunday the 29th.

Mark and Erika went out for an anniversary dinner in the same location Saturday night  and saw the finished works.

Fascinating to watch the artists line out the drawings on the asphalt, the many boxes of chalk waiting to be used.

Chalk the Block

Chalk the Block Bastides

Love how his spheres “floated” above the pavement….

Bastides drawing

Chalk the Block 3

See below to see the finished work of the Wright Brothers

Chalk the Block 4

Chalk the Block 6

Chalk the Block (1)

Chalk the Block 5

Chalk the Block 8




Above and below

– Wright Brothers taken by Mark with his iPhone  this evening when he and Erika went to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Wright Brothers

Chalk drawing reminds me of Mary Poppins and here is the scene where Bert Mary and the children enter the sidewalk drawings

9 thoughts on “Chalk the Block – Easton Ohio

  1. I remember the day we went to The Park Theatre to see Mary Poppins Bert and the children jump through that chalk drawing. I think we were 12 and we had a super time

  2. Stunning shots Ruth and I would have stayed there all day long as well. How much fun can that be? Too much I’d say. 😀
    Loved the Mary Poppins video. One of my most favourite movies of all times. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  3. I enjoyed seeing the artists in action – the boxes of chalks lined up ready to use. I just love art being taken to people and their everyday lives, so much better than a gallery.

  4. I love the variety of the images! I have seen those “floating” chalk drawings before – they are incredible! Almost like a magic trick…

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