Urban Madonna, North Side- Middle and Suismon Streets

Looks like a tear has rolled down her left cheek.

You might remember a winter post of another Urban Madonna from January 2011 (complete with Beatles lyrics0

Our Lady Queen of Peace– not sure if the church building is occupied as they have combined parishes due to population decline.

(I’m sure a Pittsburgher who reads this can straighten this out and I will edit the post.     Bill? )

Taken Tuesday late afternoon after a Gallery Walk at the Mattress Factory- Art Teacher Professional Development.

Directly across from Max’s Allegheny Tavern where we discussed the Gallery Walk.

Urban Madonna

9 thoughts on “Urban Madonna, North Side- Middle and Suismon Streets

  1. Great shot, Ruth. The church could be closed now but the statue is a physical reminder of a time when that church, like so many others, played a big role in the neighborhood.

  2. My mother’s family attended Mary Immaculate Church on Suismon Street. That church has been gone for a very long time, but I can’t help but wonder if this statue is from that church. I remember attending mass there when I was a little girl.

  3. It absolutely looks like she has been crying; but she doesn’t look sad so much as gentle and hopeful that perhaps we humans may one day get our s**t together.

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