Homecoming Heels Study

Atop the closed bleachers.  In a darkened gym

On the table amidst the plates that held the pizza.

I was taking a shot and then the cell phone lit up with a text.  As if responding to the lens…..

Killer shoes.  No kidding.

So many of them taken off and placed high on top of the bleacher ledge.  Shoes on bleachers




High Heels on a table









Gold High Heels




Shoes and corsage





and without the flash

Silver High Heels

16 thoughts on “Homecoming Heels Study

  1. Beautiful shoes and shots, Ruth, but it defies the Laws of Physics that one can not only wear but actually stand & walk in them. 🙂

  2. love the concept of these shots.. unique and wonderful..
    (last year my daughter was in the homecoming court and of course had to have 4″ heels.. needless to say, after the crowning the shoes came off and flip-flops went on 😉

  3. I’m pretty sure if I had the nerve to try them on, I’d fall off and break my neck!! Have you ever watched the face of a woman wearing a pair of them? They look like they are in intense pain! My favorite of these photos shared is the one of the shoes on the table and the bare feet walking away! Good shots!

  4. Nice shoes. But – for comfort – I’d save my pennies & just buy some nice flats – especially if they are not gonna’ be worn.
    Great subject for photos though 😉

  5. Oof, no thank you. As I’ve said before, I like my shoes comfy – hence wearing white keds at my wedding. (I know, I still owe you a pic…)

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