Chestnut Street Trolley Tracks

Driving on the North Side to home, headed down Chestnut Street towards Phineas Street. Going to cross the Allegheny on the 16th Street Bridge but before I got to the intersection, a car stopped in front of me to chat or ask directions of the pedestrians.

I noticed the trolley tracks and the bricks. Caught a quick picture on the phone.

So when did the streetcars stop?  here is the answer

“The trolley lines could have been extended, perhaps. But as Touring Pittsburgh author Harold Smith observes with a minimum of rancor (for a trolley fan), “PAT was bus-minded to a fault. Between 1964 and 1967, it ended trolley service on all North Side and East End lines. By the early 1970s, only the present South [Hills] and the 53-Carrick line remained.”

Click here to learn about the 30+ trolley car collection at the Trolley Museum south of Pittsburgh in Washington PA off I 79.

trolley tracks

11 thoughts on “Chestnut Street Trolley Tracks

  1. They are working on West Carson Street between the West End Bridge and McKees Rocks for the next 2 years. One lane is open to get to town. A few weeks ago, I noticed long pieces if steel being transported out after they had scraped off a foot of asphalt…it for was the old trolley tracks being dug out of the road.i forgot they were still under there!

  2. Well, to be honest, I hated driving on those tracks. So I was happy they were gone. Of course my daughter works in transportation and loves the streetcars.

  3. I remember getting my car’s wheels stuck in the streetcar tracks and they were slippery in winter. But guess what DC is adding? Streetcars and streetcar tracks…it’s the newest transportation in downtown DC.

  4. I think part of the allure of street cars is that there are so few cities with them. Would we find them so charming if every major city had kept its trolleys running?

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