The Shop in East Liberty

It’s been here for more than a year in the East Liberty neighborhood.  Where have I been?

Driving back and forth from school each day, I’ve been passing this shop since it opened in September 2012.

Right there on Highland Avenue.

I know mornings when I drive by on the way to school it’s dark and of course closed

but I  thought I had some keen  observational skills.  Ha!

Guess not!    Missed this shop until….

Saturday I was meeting my friend R for lunch at Pig and Chicken next door. (I photographed the Pig and Chicken one night in Feb 2012 before The Shop in East Liberty was established.)

I  had the chance to go inside as I was a few minutes early for lunch.  I met the shop owner Julia Reynolds, and purchased  a unique, Made-in-USA , artist crafted item for a gift – so can’t reveal what I bought yet cause they might see it on the blog today.

The store itself is a work  of art and cool design. You can check out the “unique handcrafted gifts here

A return trip is necessary to  more photos so you can see some of the artists’ work.  You’ll have to click the link to see the art!





Julia at The Shop in East Liberty



Ringing up my sale and giftboxing with white and red baker’s string.



gift box

Took the one above when I got home as I liked the look of the little cube box tied with string.


The Shop in East Liberty

10 thoughts on “The Shop in East Liberty

  1. A wonderful example of a small business in the neighborhood. This weekend is shop small businesses. The Shop in East Liberty looks like a nice place to pick up some Christmas gifts. Thanks for highlighting it.


  2. I will have to check that out – isn’t it funny how I live so close to East Liberty and rarely get there.

  3. I great place to enjoy the joyful spirits of the holidays. After a lot of bad news from home I needed a bit of cheerfulness , starting with this fun post. Thanks.

  4. The aesthetics of the shop look very interesting! When the gift is revealed, please do let us know what it was. (A picture of it would be fab.) I’m very curious!

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