Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The challenge of unexpected seemed fun but challenging.

Added a couple you’ve seen but seemed good for the theme.  Knowing when to stop adding to the gallery is the difficult part.

swim coach as a leprechaunThe grandkids swim coach dressed as a leprechaun

lobster phone 1Mr. Wholey on his lobster phone



gravestones and railcarHeadstones and a railway car as we headed to Idlewild Park


man in a vanA man seemingly peeking out of  the back of the van



michael surpriseQuick, close your eyes for a birthday surprise, Michael.

Laura is surprisedLaura is surprised for her 30th birthday- nice party James!



alligator jerkyAlligator and Ostrich Jerky at the Renaissance Festival


pink water

Downtown by the Convention Center a wall of pink water for Breast Cancer Awareness

cigarette and teabag in a plantA cigarette butt and a teabag in a planter downtown



Fried picklesFried Pickles sign at Eat ‘N Park



stuffed animal windowStuffed Animal Window in New York City



flags in a churchyardA churchyard full of memorial flags in Millvale.



police eatingPolice having a snack in NYC



Birthday gift from her brother

Birthday gift from her brother



dog wash

Dog Wash?



Jack finds the air rushing






Discovering the rush of air


Maura (2)



fake geese

Two fake geese that I thought were real in Powell , Ohio




Finding the costumes at the History Center in Virginia.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

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  2. I love unexpected things – as long as they are happy ones. You showed some great ones Ruth E.

  3. I thought for a moment, a long one, that the plant was a Bigelow, Classic Blends . . . a great collection of surprises Ruth and how wonderful that the grandchildren have all these moments to look back on!

  4. As expected you captured the unexpected. My favorite – the history center in Virginia.

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  6. Yum on the fried pickles!
    Yep- dog wash. There is one by us too. Kinda’ like a do it yourself car wash…for dogs.

  7. Wow, you had many great images in this post! Among my favorites were the leprechaun (those green tights are rockin’), the man “peeking” out of the van (it looks real!), Laura’s genuine look of surprise (so fun), the pink fountain (stunning), the NYPD car (I like their take on “CPR”), Maura waiting to catch a ball (AMAZING shot), and the fake geese (they look real to me, too!). Quite a line up!

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  9. Unexpected is right, Ruth! The way the post loaded on my monitor, all I saw of the first pic was the guy in green from the mid-chest up. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to see the rest of the Leprechaun. Too funny. This was a great collection. I wonder how many didn’t make the cut. 🙂

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