Unexpected Gallery Two

Working on a different computer today-  I saw a few more unexpected themed photographs although  I already posted for the weekly photo challenge.   If I dipped into the hard drives I could go all week I am sure.

I skipped the “couch on the front lawn” shots.  Those are almost expected these days.

Some deja vu for longtime followers, thanks for looking again.


Fox on the Roof


Stuffed Fox on a Roof



Maura sees her reflection

Maura and her reflection

bras on Hot Metal Bridge


Bras on the Hot Metal Bridge for Breast Cancer Awareness


book bench



Book bench on High Street Clintonville, Ohio


American Girl Beauty Salon


American Girl Hair Salon Fifth Avenue New York City- my sister was showing it to me- no kids or dolls with us.



MOMA courtyard


Museum of Modern Art Courtyard New York City



mona lisa


Mona Lisa mural in Columbus






Our Lady and Beware of Dog




mini car in NYC

26 thoughts on “Unexpected Gallery Two

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  4. Some of these I have seen before, but several were new to me! Maura and her reflection was so sweet, and the book bench was terrific! I’m not sure how I feel about the American Girl dolls getting haircuts (my gut says I don’t like it much), but found the juxtaposition of the Virgin Mary against the dog sign to be much more pleasing. Another fantastic assortment.

    • It is off-putting ( the AG salon). Girls and moms indulging in exorbitant tea room upstairs while dolls hair is dressed. For what price I did not check.
      When you work in a school 75% free and reduced lunch students it is glaring.
      On the other hand my granddaughters love their AG dolls and would be thrilled to see this if they went to N.Y.C. So there it is-

      • I hear you. It’s sometimes difficult to reconcile “first-world problems” (like having to decide about how to handle doll haircuts with your own grandchildren) and real-world problems (like trying to help someone who is struggling to figure out where their next meal might come from). When in doubt, I do my very best to try and defer to the real-world issues, versus the first-world ones. But it is challenging…

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    • Please send pic of your stuffed foxes on your roof ASAP (for an awesome guest blog)? Is that an Arkansas custom?
      No offense intended.

      • It is an Arkie tradition and you know it’s very cold down here and windy and one of the foxes just blew up the street, gotta run, no time to chat, oh there went another fox. I’m thinking this photo might not happen. Also, it’s dark out.

  6. When I was very young, Grandpa put an old, stuffed fox high on a shelf in one of the rooms is the cellar of the two-flat. We little ones were afraid of it and wouldn’t go into that room. Despite that, I’d still vote for Maura and her mirror as my fave. Great shots, Ruth

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