Steelers Game in the Snow

I won the tickets.  We parked on the North Side for free and walked to Heinz Field.  We didn’t buy anything at the game.  Not a hotdog or a foam finger or even a plastic tray of nachos.  Nada!  A frugal effort to say the least.  We slipped and slid to the field on the untreated walks.  We got to the game and I had a purse with my camera. NOPE, even if it were empty, it could not enter the stadium.

Had to be see through plastic or a 4.5 x 6″ clutch. YIKES.  We walked half way back to the car and Steve put in in the V of a tree in the park.  It was to far to walk all the way back.  It was leather and I carry my camera in it and couldn’t just pitch it in the giant dumpster provided for such bags.  I don’t go to football games and didn’t realize the restrictions on bags.  PNC Park never banned my camera/purse.

On to the snow (the very wet snow) and the cold and the damp and the loss.  Yep.   The loss.

A high scoring, exciting game, though.  And disappointing.

We left before we could see the dismal end, the “almost greatest play ever” they said on the radio as we scraped the windshield and warmed up the car.  Came home for soup and tea and a hot shower and I was STILL cold!  But we had fun as best we could given the circumstances ie. weather.

Heinz Field in the BackgroundHere we are in front of Heinz Field.  Don’t ask why we are not wearing our gloves.  I have no idea!

Thanks random Steelers fan for photographing us!  Nice.

Pittsburgh in Snow and fog

Can you see Fort Pitt Bridge arch on the right?  The city skyline was totally obliterated by fog and snow when we first arrived.  If you stare you can see ghosts of the buildings.

Snow covered seats at heinz fieldSome fans stayed home. Watched it on television in a warm living room by the fire.

blowing snow off the hash marks

ladling hot chocolateLadling Hot Chocolate

IMG_0730Blowing the snow off the lines at Half-time

Snow on Drums

Snow on the drums

Snow on Condiments

Snow on Condiments

crazy hat

Crazy Hat

TV Cameraman

TV camera crew in the snow  (taken with the iPhone)

Santa in Stadium

Santa on his cell phone.


 Discarded Terrible Towel. Sacrilege!  (Sorry to post this photo, Myron- RIP)

City and Christmas Tree

What the city looked like later

MR. Rooney Statue in the snowMr. Art Rooney Statue in the Snow

Immaculate Recepetion Immaculate Reception- Marlene and Donald, (Erika’s Parents) were there to see it!

Serious Tailgaters

Serious Tailgaters Equipment

Porta Potty in Pickup Truck

More serious tailgaters personal equipment in a pick-up

BBQ and Chairs in the Lot

Tailgater equipment

IMG_0773Tailgater Aftermath- You know I am always fascinated by the garbage.

tree in snowy park

The tree holding my purse until after the game when we retrieved it.

Pittsburgh Steel Man and Yoda

Pittsburgh Steel Man , Yoda and Bandito let me take their picture

11 thoughts on “Steelers Game in the Snow

  1. Well I would like to say it looked like fun but I would have been the ones who stayed home. Great photos though. We did notice the snow at several games on TV.

  2. I am proud you didn’t let the weather stop you – those that stayed home are fair-weather fans.

  3. The same thing happened to me when I went to a November game. Thankfully we parked close enough to walk back, but it made me kind of miserable and was so cold, but the excitement of the crowd was amazing, it helped they won that one.

  4. I saw the snow during the game and thought about you, Ruth. I cannot tell you how many frigid games I sat through as a boy with Dad. I enjoyed the abut, boy, was it cold! Mom packed a thermos of hot chocolate for us boys and Dad had a flask. There were no pat downs or security checks back then. After having to walk back to the car, you’d think the least the Steelers could do is win the game for you. 🙂

    • The season has been disappointing to say the least. We had a memorable adventure but I can’t say it was truly enjoyable. Didn’t want to be a fair Weather fan as Sue mentioned.
      Thanks for writing about your going with your brother and father to freezing games. I love your stories of childhood remembered, John.

  5. Thanks, great overview. Glad honest Pittsburgers left your purse ready for your pick up!

  6. When my husband and I watched the game on TV, we commented that we felt bad for the fans and players – and I totally forgot you were one of those fans until now! 🙁 Glad to hear you had a decent time, despite the weather. (And I’ve been in a similar freezing situation before, where even soup + tea + screamin’ hot shower can’t chase the cold away…) I’m glad to hear your purse was safe during the game (it’s pretty incredible all of the restrictions that different organizations place on everyday citizens these days) – and I loved the close-up photo of the yellow seats dusted with snow. Another poster-worthy pic!

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