Henry the Airedale Knocks on Door to Get Back Inside

Knock knock knock.   What is that noise?


Can’t say I blame him wanting to be sure I heard him as it was still snowing outside.


Henry knocks on the door

Airedale in the SNow

Once he was in  and dried off, I got a quick photo by the tree

Henry and the Airedale

19 thoughts on “Henry the Airedale Knocks on Door to Get Back Inside

  1. I don’t blame him either! If your weather is anything like ours, it’s downright dangerous to spend too much time outside.

    I stand at the door while the puppies do their business, then bring them in straight away. Too cold!!

  2. Henry can be so expressive. He looks like he’s trying to figure out the door latch in that second photo. and looks so innocent in the last. All great shots, Ruth.

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