This is Kryptonite to My Son

I really wanted to grate some fresh nutmeg again.

As I left Ohio for home, I stopped off at Kroger and saw this in the dairy case. Thought I’d give it a try when I got home to Pittsburgh.  My mother used to make homemade eggnog before anyone talked about salmonella and the risks of consuming raw egg.  Mark feels the same way about mayonnaise.   It just disgusts him.

Goes down easy for me. Comfort. Silky smooth.

I grated the wonderful little nutmeg that has the most intricate design inside.  Maybe the eggnog needs some more fat in it.

Lowfat eggnog?  One good thing about this particular brand is it did not have that fake-o rum flavor.

And now I’m settling down for the winter’s nap to rest for the last week of school before the break.


eggnog pouring into glass

The little hand painted glass is from that fun gift shop I blogged about , the shop in Lawrenceville  named  Divertido


freshly grated nutmegYes, the nutmeg kept just fine on the shelf in a bag.  I love looking at the interior design  of it.  And the smell of it when you are graing it is so inviting.  The eggnog  intoxicating without a drop of spirits.

16 thoughts on “This is Kryptonite to My Son

  1. Not only low fat, but organic. I used to love eggnog – haven’t had it in a long time.

  2. I treat myself to one container of eggnog every year. I really love the stuff and drink it plain, too — unless I’m at a party. And party eggnog does not count toward my self-imposed yearly limit. So, if you’re ever looking for me at a Christmas party, look for the eggnog. 🙂

  3. Looks delicious! I too love eggnog, especially the homemade kind with the REAL rum flavoring. Doesn’t that kill the salmonella?

  4. Attended a party in Columbus last weekend – eggnog was served. Pleased this generation continues this holiday tradition. It was well spiked. Delicious

    • I felt a bit better that Chicago John buys one a year, too. And now you. Phew!
      Cheers to you and Katherine.

  5. Your photo of Eggnog looks so good….I haven’t bought any in years; it just seems to thick and heavy for me. Maybe this lowfat version is my answer. Cheers!

    • It is still a bit thick but one quart a year can’t hurt, parceled out in small doses. Good to see you again. Thanks for refollow! WordPress acts strange sometimes- inadvertently I think

  6. Organic eggnog is always yummier than the rest. Fresh grated nutmeg sounds wonderful. I just shook mine from the jar (it was organic, too).

  7. Some holiday traditions (like sending handwritten, stamped and mailed cards) seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Thank goodness for eggnog! I remember being a little girl and my parents and aunts and uncles having the special eggnog. (I think it was the spiked!)
    Thanks for the memories!

  8. I love the title of this post. 🙂 My dad feels the same way about nuts in desserts. Personal tastes are kooky things. But tun at the same time. 🙂

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