Hungarian Nut Roll Slideshow

Today Jaclyn and her sister Shannon baked nut rolls together, carrying on family tradition.

Their mother, Theresa, passed last February.  This post is to remember Theresa , those who knew and loved her and to send hugs to Jaclyn and Shannon as they are missing their mom, especially at Christmas time.

Theresa was one of the four sisters in this slideshow (baking the pizelles)  showing the three sisters making nutroll in Pittsburgh- Linda, Georgeann and Theresa,  while the fourth sister Marlene communicated via SKYPE in Virginia.

You might remember the previous post of the 15 greased nut roll pans  where the retro recipe card is photographed in case you want to make them.

Marlene and I share grandchildren and her daughter Erika is married to my son Mark.



four sisters and their mom

One of my favorite photos from long ago, taken by unknown photographer

Theresa their mother Marion, Bride Linda, Marlene and Georgeann



7 thoughts on “Hungarian Nut Roll Slideshow

  1. The first Christmas is always the hardest. Following family holiday traditions is a very good way to cope with the loss. When I do, I can almost feel Mom in the kitchen with me. I hope Jaclyn and Shannon will have the same experience.
    Rest in Peace, Theresa.

  2. Thank you! You are so wonderful to have blogged this. As you mentioned this is my first Christmas without my
    sister Theresa and I miss her so much. We always had so much fun baking for the holidays with our mom. We all
    had jobs we had to do but only mom rolled out the nut rolls. Nothing smells better then nut rolls baking. After we
    all got married my mom would go to each of our homes during the holidays and help us make nut roll. It was so
    much fun a few years back when we decided to skype and bake together. It was so nice of you to take all of the
    pictures and make the video. Love you.

  3. I always enjoy images from the past. There’s something about people from prior years looking at present-day me that seems to transmit wordless wisdom; it’s a gift I appreciate and embrace.

    My thoughts are with the daughters as they move through the first holidays without their mom; and my wish is that they can focus on joyful times from the past, and allow that to soothe any longing or sorrow they may experience in the present.

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