Henry the Airedale Watches a Movie and Thinks About What to do with his Xmas Gift

One more dog post. There’s been a lot of dogs watching TV on my blog this season. And it’s been kids and dogs while I’m on vacation which is fast coming to a close.

We’ve all missed Murphy, the gentleman Airedale, who passed last Spring.  Such a well mannered fellow, and loved dearly.

Erika keeps asking me when I am going to knit Henry a sweater.

He’s still a pup, exuberant and finding his place in the pack, making his way into our hearts with his humorous antics.  He’s trying to figure things out.

He certainly likes being with his family where the activity is happening.  And did he ever relish his new bone.  (Laura asked if it came from a Wooly Mammoth.)

The handy iPhone camera, pulled out of a pocket. catches a moment without my leaving the family room seat or putting down my knitting.

There will be tomorrow to speak of the last post of the old year, bring in the new year- making resolutions or not.

Watching PollyannaHenry and Michael on the family room floor.

taking the bone outside

Hmmmmm I wonder if I could bury this outside.

Airedale and His Bone

Please let me out with this giant bone.

henry and the doll

And Henry eyes Maura’s horse

And then eyes me!

Henry Eyes the Horse

A p.s. to today’s blog
Henry’s breakfast Time for grandma to go home


10 thoughts on “Henry the Airedale Watches a Movie and Thinks About What to do with his Xmas Gift

  1. hehe, he is totally adorable Ruth. Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 😀
    Wishing you and yours the best for 2014 hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  2. Henry already has learned who is the boss… and what may or may not be “legal”… how like a dog. And what a wonderful dog he is.
    Happy new year to all of your family that you so generously share with us.

  3. Henry hit the jackpot when he came to this home, Ruth. With so many kids to play with and to shower him with affection, he’s sure to have one very happy life. Of course, the occasional Mammoth bone doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

  4. Henry was super cute until that last pic; grr… Alas, this is what puppies do – and it’s why I’m glad that our dogs don’t have teeth! 🙂

    That first picture looks so cozy; I imagined myself crocheting right beside you. Such warmth and love in your family.

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