Waiting for 2014

The girls and I came to Laura and James’ for New Year’s Eve. It’s a sleepover.

Waiting for the new year to arrive.  We started out enthusiastic.  Winding down now.  Ninety minutes to go.

Who will be able to stay awake?  I’m knitting a Christmas gift hat for Steve and hope to finish before I leave for Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon.

Penny is excited the girls are here.  Loving the attention.

Vacation is winding down.  We’re down to just hours left.  The rest of the family will be over for lunch Wednesday and then I get in the car and head east.

penny and the new year


Anna (off camera to right) getting Penny to do a trick while Laura and Maura watch.



penny and the new year crown


Penny sporting the New Year’s Crown



waiting for new year girls


Still awake and ready for 2014. What time is it?   We’re waiting………………




waiting for new yearAnna was swimming this morning at 5:45 AM.  Not sure she can stay awake until midnight.   Yawn.  Maura and Anna on electronic devices.
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21 thoughts on “Waiting for 2014

  1. Happy New Year! We are in Dallas, central time, have a ways to go. I love the sleeping pictures!

  2. just came to turn off computer and saw this post. good one! enjoyed the waiting. we waited too, and watched the Seattle Space Needle fireworks. unfortunately there was not much of a wind, so the smoke persisted and towards the end not too much could be seen. but it’s official. 2013 is well and truly done and it is a year here, too, for almost an hour now. have a good one! and a safe trip back later today.

  3. Such beautiful photo’s of your lovely family Ruth. Looks like they did the same as we did..heheheh. Wishes for a wonderful and blessed 2014 hon. 😀 *hugs*

  4. Look at all of those beautiful blankets! The kids did much better than I did as far as staying awake is concerned – I was unconscious by 10 pm. 🙂

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