One of the Fancy Apples

A welcome gift.  Fancy fresh fruit. Perishable, DO NOT FREEZE the boxes state.

Tonight as I cut up a couple of perfectly ripe pieces for the family to share,  I remembered another fancy apple I ‘d cut with the apple sectioner at home in Pittsburgh.  Steve’s former colleague had shipped them and his former boss sent some succulent red grapefruit.

Our cracker selection a bit pedestrian but paired well with the cheese and fruit.

Each apple wrapped in green tissue, cradled in a partitioned box,  accompanied by a handwritten map telling which type of apple was in each space.  Refrigerate upon receipt.  

Here in Ohio there were juicy pears in gold foil papers, sheets of green foam cushioning their journey from Oregon.

A box of oranges are in the garage keeping cool.

Doesn’t fruit always taste better when someone else cuts it up and places it on a plate?

You might remember a similar photo of a  cut pear from a 2012  Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise post 

fancy apple



14 thoughts on “One of the Fancy Apples

  1. what a great display. i am reminded times when i was in Germany during the winter or late fall, visiting one of my favourite aunts, and we would watch TV together. she would put up her legs, the perfect settling place for their dachshund. and she would cut up fresh apples for my uncle, her and me. such enjoyable, cozy evenings….. there really is something about fresh fruit that someone else cuts up for you!

  2. I agree. A box of fresh fruit makes a wonderful Christmas gift. With so much being eaten throughout the holidays, some fresh fruit is a bit of welcomed relief. That’s a great photo, too, of that apple, Ruth.

  3. Food in general always tastes better when someone else makes it! Amazing how that works – it’s pretty magical.

    I love the look of your apple cored in that fashion; it reminds me of my mom. (She always prepared our apples that way for us.)

  4. I’d say ‘almost’ anything tastes better when someone else prepares it. I do have to draw the line at liver and onions. That stuff is so nasty, I wouldn’t touch it no matter WHO did the prep! 😆 But I do love the photo of the apple – one of my favorite fruits.

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  6. What a beautiful compostion, Ruth! I’d love to be presented with an apple looking like that. Might have to have a glass of red with my cheese. 🙂

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