Right Now It’s Filled With Chex Mix but I Have Plans

Have you chosen a word for this year’s theme yet?   Mine is gratitude.

This afternoon I drove home alone to Pittsburgh after a nice vacation in Ohio with my family. Two hundred miles can feel long and lonesome after all the activity with the family.    If you’ve been following along you saw that the girls and I went to Laura and James and had a nice New Year’s Day celebration with the rest of the family.

On my way home I spoke with my dear friend J in Omaha.  She told me about hostess gifts she passed out to her Fondue Party guests on New Year’s Eve. Here is what she gave them  ( a semi-guest blog, J?)

Picture a quart Mason Jar (thanks John Landis Mason 1832-1902) wrapped with a fancy bow.

Inside J put  a paper with instructions.

Starting January first. write good things down on little pieces of paper and put them into the jar.  Could be a goal accomplished, something good,  a happy moment,  a thought.  Then on Dec 31st, 2014, reread all the good things you wrote on all the little pieces of paper that you deposited throughout the year.

Right now this jar in my kitchen is filled with  homemade Chex Mix (thanks Laura)

But starting when it’s empty, we’re going to fill it with good notes.  Lots of them.  Kind of like Three Daily Delights by my number one commenter this year,  Stef.

Thanks for the good idea J.   It’s a wonderful way to start a new year.

Mason Jar





And a p.s. from J this morning   A photo of her gratitude jars all lined up plus the original instructions from her niece.

gratitude jars

The original instructions from J’s niece Jeninstructions for the jar

15 thoughts on “Right Now It’s Filled With Chex Mix but I Have Plans

  1. It’s likely no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the gratitude jar. Thanks for calling out the Three Daily Delights blog; I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. The Chex Mix looks delicious — but the graditude jar is a great idea!! I’m not surprised J would do something special like that!!!!

  3. oh my goodness! We did this in 2013, and called it our 2013 Happy Things jar. I don’t think we got 2013 things into the jar, but enough to make the whole year-long process very happy indeed.

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