Look What Jack Finally Lost! via his Mom and Dad

Erika sent me these two pictures of Jack  this evening.  She said that Jack gave me permission to blog them!

His front tooth was hanging on by a thread for the longest time and Jack kept wiggling it all Christmas break.  You kept thinking it would come out but even when he’d twist it, it didn’t!

It gave you the shudders, right down your spine, watching him manipulate it. I thought I’d witness it coming out in person but didn’t happen.  Until tonight!  A milestone.

Sure gives a different smile!   Thanks Erika and Mark. He looks pretty excited about it’s coming out.


jacks front tooth out




jacks front smile

front tooth missingMark sent this one a bit later.  A little less ink on him!

Growing up at a rapid rate!

12 thoughts on “Look What Jack Finally Lost! via his Mom and Dad

  1. When I was about 5 years old, my mom tied a piece of dental floss to my loose tooth and a door knob and shut the door — now THAT’s a fast way to get that tooth out REAL fast!

  2. Yowers – that gaping hole is quite a sight!

    Every time I see kids wiggle their teeth (or worse yet, actively pull/twist them), I shudder too. Oy!

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