Native to North America

Raccoon. They are pesky mammals even though they might look cute. Rummaging through garbage cans is their specialty. They can carry disease. Rabies. Raccoons are immortalized in cartoons and song.

My grandson Jack sent me this photo he took Saturday night. Raccoon in a tree

photograph by Jack

I thought of two raccoons in my house. A painted rock and a stuffed animal one.

I don’t think I’m a raccoon fan but I like these two
The bottom says C.Londot. I found a rabbit on eBay by the same artist. Bought at a craft fair decades ago.

Beatles song

And click if you want to see how many fictional raccoons you can identify

Happy Milestone Birthday, La!

Happy Birthday Laura!

Love, Ma

One year old Laura in Grafenwoehr Germany
Laura holding her one year old, Roy, just last week
(yes he’s got his cake frosting on his foot)
James gave a nice family party today to celebrate

Fire Truck Tuesday Afternoon

We had just gone to see the rabbits who live a few blocks over. Fed them some clover and dandelion leaves. As we walked back home, Charlie saw the fire truck down the street and watched as it drove by. Waved to the firefighters as they passed. They waved back. It sure was a looong truck. A little excitement in the neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.