You Could Dress Me Up…..1959- Newark NJ

Note to self:    Remember how I mugged for the camera in 1959 when I’m attempting to photograph the grandchildren in 2014!

Pittsburgh Public Schools was closed today.  I did some sorting and found some old family photos.  My family didn’t own a camera that I know of but I think my sister took this photo somehow and I will ask her tomorrow and add any details. My cousins may have been involved.  Paul? John B?

An iPhone photo of a photo isn’t the best quality but you get the idea.

Ruth Hendricks 1959

And thanks to Kathryn of Vastly Curious blog  I went and found the front page from New York Times August 23, 1959  Steven Rockefeller‘s Wedding to a Norwegian (Anne Marie Rasmussen )in the photo

August 23, 1959 New York Times

21 thoughts on “You Could Dress Me Up…..1959- Newark NJ

  1. LOL I call that expression on my daughter her tiger snarl. 🙂 I especially love the gloves and hat, those were cute outfits…

      • Oh, I remember heinous polyester slips from the 70s. Like wearing a plastic bag! Ding, dong the slip is dead, the big bad slip, the evil slip is dead!!

  2. Just gorgeous; it looks like a modern photo designed to look retro, if you know what I mean. Love it!

    • and just added the Headline to the post thanks to Kathryn at Vastly Curious who had a good idea. I was able to find it by googling Sundays dates in August and then looking at each front page for the month. thanks for the visit.

  3. . . . and I can just picture your mom, wearing her no-nonsense expression, making you wear those white gloves before heading off to church. : )

  4. Ruth – that must have been an Easter dress picture! My mom used to dress up the 3 of us and every Easter, I loved shopping for a new dress which I outgrew each year and never wore again. The dresses and underthings were always itchy! And of course, a new hat and shoes!

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