Windows With Signage and/or Things in Them – Gallery 5

They said it was a Weekly Photo Challenge so I turned it into a Week-long Photo Challenge

Today I’m posting Windows with signage or things in them.

When I went to the external hard drives looking for the Infant of Prague in a window (thanks Jack) I saw quite a few windows photos  that could fit in several categories.  Categories with windows pictures reminded me of that old 25,000 Pyramid Game show hosted by Dick Clark.

-Windows with Things to Eat in Them

-Windows with Fashion

-Windows with a View Through Them

-or this time of year  could be Looking Through a Dirty Car Window

Tomorrow will be a new challenge so squeezing in one more gallery of windows.

for scenic view window


South Side Pittsburgh



squirrel window

North Side Window Taxidermy






Gold Sold Here

South Side of Pittsburgh





Doll Window

New York City






Carrick Hardware

Brownsville Road, Carrick  Pittsburgh PA





no public restrooms

South Side





Fort Pitt Art Room WindowFt. Pitt Art Room Window (school now closed)





Betty Boop Window

Betty Boop Window on Carson Street South Side Pittsburgh PA






i hour cleaning

Roanoke Virginia Hat Cleaning Sign





Millvale Window


Millvale PA




shoe and boots window


Shadyside Shoe Store on Walnut Street Pittsburgh PA




No Weapons Window





Urban Madonna in Window

Philadelphia South Ninth Street Window




hardware window (1)

Hardware Store Arlington Avenue Pittsburgh PA



Bloomfield Window

Peace Sign Bloomfield Pittsburgh PA




doll window (1)

Maura wants Aunt Linda’s Dolls









19 thoughts on “Windows With Signage and/or Things in Them – Gallery 5

  1. It’s funny how even here around Louisville and in Southern Indiana, signs are very similar. All cities have their “odd” neighborhoods and the signs in the stores and restaurants are very unique. I loved all your photos today, especially the one of the old hardware store.

  2. Summer Dreams with the dolls was the 1 that spoke to me. I loved how they used the pinwheels!

  3. Ruth – this 5th post is the most eclectic of them all – and so many had me laughing or just saying, “cooool” – or “ironic” –

    also, wanted to know if I could reblog one of the photos – the milvale window one??

    Thanks, Yvette

    • Sure Yvette. You can reblog what you wish

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving me s nice comment so I knew you were here

      • Thanks – I used the vets one – because it tied into some line themes of the week – and also loved the beauty in it – and thanks again…

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  6. 25,000 Pyramid – love the old school reference!

    These windows hold lots of messages… and lots of attitudes! 🙂

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