Mother Mary in the Snow – Before the Puppeteer Painted Her

A few years ago this Mary statue was a curbside alert through the neighborhood listserve so I walked up to Winterton St. to save her from the trash.

She was peeling paint and looking a bit worn.  Somehow it didn’t seem right to have her picked up by the garbage truck. So I put her in my side “garden” and called her Our Lady of the Weeds (due to my lack of gardening effort)

About the same time I hired a friend of a friend to come and do some master gardening, get rid of the weeds, plant something decent.  And the skilled gardener took the Mary statue home with her and she was gone a couple of months.  The gardener is an excellent puppeteer and brightened up the statue with new paint.  In fact, when she was returned it took awhile to get used to her brightness and revitalization.

Then my neighbor restored the bird bath bowl my father gave me when I bought the house.

One day I came home and the Mary statue was perched in the now repaired bird bath.

It’s been a team effort to get me spiffed up around here.

MAry in the Snow




bvm painted in a bird bath

This Spring I’ll take a new photo with the plantings and green surrounding her.

12 thoughts on “Mother Mary in the Snow – Before the Puppeteer Painted Her

  1. Wow! She is gorgeous! That was so nice of the skilled gardener and your neighbour to do that for you Ruth. You sure have lots of snow there now. 😀

  2. I love the story that goes with her new, beautiful soft appearance. Your parents would be pleased.

  3. So glad you saved the Blessed Mother. I love the way you’re displaying her. I love the statue and the bird bath.

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