Blue Skies and Sunlight Hint Spring




Anyone bored with weather reports? It’s so much lighter for the morning drive to school.

I actually saw a robin in a tree down on East Liberty Boulevard. He was shivering.

I think.

This  tree is in my front yard.

Today it climbed to 48 degrees.                                     I promise a new topic soon.                      Very soon.
Berries on Branch


Photographed on Tuesday. I swear I heard bird song.


sunlightOld cat damage on the arm of the couch and

Sunlight through lace curtain onto hardwood.





22 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Sunlight Hint Spring

  1. If not for Winter would Spring be as wonderful? Maybe . . .

    I really like the sunlight through the curtains and the rich grains of the hardwood floor!

  2. Wow, two outstanding photos! I love the contrast of the blue sky and the bare branches of the tree covered with snow. And also the contrast in the second photo – the sunlight coming through the windows and curtains contrasted with the dark wood of the doors; and also the sunlight splashing on the wood grain of the floors. Excellent!

  3. I think the Robin was shivering too Ruth. I would have too! LOL! Great shots! That sliver of sunlight on the wooden floor gives a great warming effect after the cold and frosty feeling of your first photo. Gorgeous! 😀

  4. I definitely saw a robin on our front porch yesterday. I don’t mind the weather pictures. Weather is beautiful!

  5. Poor birdie needs to fly back south.
    The second photo is warm & welcoming with the glimpse of the sun & lace.
    If you hadn’t mention the CATastrophe – I would not have even noticed it. 😉

  6. It’s difficult to focus on much more than the weather when it’s just so problematic this year! (Or persistent, depending on your perspective. I know some people like all of the cold and snow – just not me.) 🙂

  7. My sofa bears the scars of my last cat, too, Ruth. Love the blue sky over the snow covered limb. Even though our temp is well below freezing, the sun is warm enough to melt snow. Old Man Winter may not like it but Spring is coming.

    • You are right and even if we get more of it ( I won’t write it out S#*W) the ground is warm and it won’t last- too long.
      Thanks for making time to visit and comment, too. Your presence has been missed by many.

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