Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned



left without needed protection or care

left by the owner

no longer held or thought of : given up


Not to be confused with lost.

WordPress’ Cheri Lucas Rowlands posted the challenge with a great example of the interior of an abandoned building.  It’s apparent that I stick with exteriors.


Old School House near Okanogan Washington

Old School




Old School

shot from the road


boarded up


Boarded up in Wilkinsburg PA




Smith Mountain Lake Virginiaabandoned boat






near Okanogan Washington – mailboxes still in place on the right

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 11.22.10 PM



Conneaut Amusement Park  PAconneaut amusement park


Old bathtub at Conneaut

old bathtub



chair on the sidewalk

                                                                                             New York City Chair and Hanger

Photograph taken near school one afternoon.  abandoned umbrella

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

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  3. We are such a ‘throw away’ society, a real shame. The photo series tells a story.

  4. As a child it was a real treat to spend an afternoon at Conneaut Amusement Park. Unfortunate it is no longer available for families.

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  6. amazing though to see a fairly new metal roof on it worth several thousand???? But it’s a nice shot.

  7. It’s rather unsettling to think of that school’s last day; building’s last sale; vehicle’s last ride; etc. Although, I can fully understand someone abandoning a malfunctioning umbrella. Sometimes, enough is enough!

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  12. “Abandoned – Not to be confused with lost.” A very good distinction – yet sometimes difficult to make?

    I loved your first pic; there is something simultaneously beautiful and sad about it.

    • Yes, difficult to make. That’s why I didn’t post the single mittens on the street. Thanks for your good comments always, Stef

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