Congregation in Market Square- Light, Video and Sound Art Installation

Saturday night, in the dark and rain,  Steve and I went to dinner at La Cucina Flegrea to celebrate twenty one years since we first met.

When we got to Market Square we saw a crane, lights, people in motion,  and heard music.

Lines and shapes of light, moving designs and patterns were on the ground and on the large screen.  We saw the title of the work Congregation and I took some photos with the iPhone.

After dinner I shot a few more.  We were fascinated by groups of people following the circles of light on the pavement and then racing to another area and it showed up with light patterns and movement on the huge screen in front.

“Congregation is an interactive kinetic video and sound installation designed and choreographed for pedestrian performers, created by UK-based media artists KMA – Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler”

The score is by Peter Broderick from Portland.

Here is a Post-Gazette article by Diana Nelson Jones about the installation.  Lights on the side of the PPG building kept changing color.  It was a fun experience, despite the rain.

Congregation in Market Square




























Here you can see the crane with the lights and camera


people in light

































light on feet


Patterns and lines of light kept changing as people moved about the installation




Steve watching the scree


Steve taking in the action on the screen



ppg with blue light

PPG building with blue lights





circle of light


People standing in a circle of light



circle of light 2







Steve ordered the cannoli for dessert





I had the Lemon Cream Custard  Parfait with Berries and Kiwi



twenty one years

Twenty one years!




people in the market square

People in Market Square Pittsburgh PA interacting with CONGREGATION– Kinetic Art Installation by Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler, Music score by Peter Broderick.


Get down there as soon as you can as it is only there until March 16th.










16 thoughts on “Congregation in Market Square- Light, Video and Sound Art Installation

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON 21 YEARS! Interesting concept, will try to get there before the 16th. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Congratulations, Ruth! Your Steve knows how to celebrate. With a cannoli, of course. 🙂
    That interactive art display must have been something to see — and a lot of fun.

    • Focused on the desserts as my week of meet blogging made some readers sad. I had the fresh seafood ravioli with mussels on the side and STeve had the Veal Scallopine with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes.

  3. The picture of you two is adorable. The desserts looked amazing. I didn’t know about the light show. Wish I would have. Happy 21 years Ruth E and Steve!

  4. What a lovely show they put on to celebrate your anniversary, Ruth! 🙂 Many congrats! Love the inventiveness of light installations and the ‘audience particpation’.

  5. This installation sounds really cool – fun that you got to experience it with Steve (dare I call him your sweetie?) on your special night. Double-congrats! 🙂

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