But What’s a Hoogie?

Submarine sandwiches are called lots of things – depending on where you live.

A grinder, a hoagie, a sub, a hero, a blimpie- to name a few.

Last Sunday afternoon,  I filled up the tank in Clintonville, Ohio  before heading to Pittsburgh and saw this sign.

A new name or a typo? Well,no typewriter was involved but a misspelling? or intentional naming of a new type of sandwich.

Shot from inside the car through the windshield. With the iPhone.

My DIL said, why didn’t you go in and ask them. Never occurred to me.

Hoogie Sign

8 thoughts on “But What’s a Hoogie?

  1. At 2/$3.00 they can’t be very big. Besides, aren ‘t rib bones a little hard to eat in a sandwich? I’m voting for a misspelling.

  2. Too funny! I, too, vote misspelling. By now, though, after having been corrected countless times, the store management probably claims it was intentional. 🙂

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