April Showers

Liberty Avenue. Downtown Pittsburgh. Friday afternoon.

People Waiting for Bus in Rain


Bradford Pear Tree and  Blossoms Reflection in a Puddle Downtown.





wet pavementThe rain stopped but the pavement was still wet and the lights reflected in it as it grew dark.

Pedestrians closed their umbrellas.



puddle in alleyPuddle in a downtown alley.



the bus station

The Greyhound Bus Station, photographed through the windshield. I liked the blue and the sky.


Silhouettes in a downtown alley.

Silhouettes in an alley

10 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Great shot of the bus station, Ruth. You timed it just right to take full advantage of its color against the cloudy, darkening sky.

  2. wow – I like so many of the shots <3 –
    but the first one really was my fav – and I think it is because of the neon signs all in a row – the people and their umbrellas – but the signs almost tell a story as you read along – "catering, SUBS, Pizza, OPEN…… and then coors light —- and then the far right says "images" and they are artsy – and then some on the awning – okay, that's enough – can you tell I liked that shot? ha!

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