Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Tons of signage in the archives but you don’t get many letters in the mailbox today.
Found an envelope of letters that our Aunt Rhea gave to us when she moved out of her home.


Even some I’d written when we lived in Germany. Photographs inside letters. Letters from my father and mother and sister. Thank you notes from my own children when they were small.


I have other letters saved, tied with ribbon. My sister wrote to me in Germany for three years. Β And I wrote back. She saved my letters, too. My friend Erica transcribed all the letters and I have them typed in a desk downstairs.

20140427-003416.jpgMy Dad had a photo of their wedding in one of the letters. Β  A nice find.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. I stayed with an aunt one summer. She had a stack of letters, also tied with ribbon, between her and her oldest sister who died well before I was born. She shared those with me. It was so nice to get to know an aunt I had only heard about.

  2. I remember my mother waiting for mail from my brother when he was in Vietnam. When she didn’t get one she was so sad. Now, one just opens the computer and . . .

  3. A beautiful collection; both the photos and the 8 cent postage stand out in this arrangement.

  4. These are lovely. There is nothing to match the handwritten letter. Finding things my mother sent me from years back has the effect of bringing her immediately into my present. I have books signed by relatives who died before I was born; curling handwriting that holds a trace of them.

    • Thanks Isobel.
      I need to write some handwritten letters to my family. Email just disappears. Nothing to have in hand. I love your last sentence”…curling handwriting that holds a trace of them.” Sweet.

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  6. So you are a ‘letter-saver’ as well Ruth? I must confess I do the same. Some from my hubby, my grannie and my boys when they were little. That is quite a little treasure you have there hon and great shot! Thanks for sharing and a great entry for the challenge. πŸ˜€ β™₯ Hugsβ™₯

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  8. This is an *amazing* collection, and a fantastic representation of your history. (And of history as a whole.) I’m a sucker for stationary, even in this digital age…

  9. The minute I saw “Letters” I could not wait to look …… beautiful photo. Another thing about letters …… I can see the handwriting of my Mom and Dad, Uncle, 2/4 Grandparents so clearly in my mind’s eye …… I remember my Mom waiting for letters during WWll from her brother in Europe and her parents in Hawaii ……. so much to say about letters … thanks for mentioning my typing!!! Did that allow you to be able to throw out the letters themselves?

  10. I don’t know why you say it’s not original. I loooooove this photo! The lighting, the way that you have the letters arranged. Such a lovely shot.

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