10 thoughts on “Starting the Day at School

  1. Hi Ruth, I now have one day a week where I work for the local paper doing reviews of real estate properties. The agents usually provide the photos but last week I was asked to take a camera to a site. It was so big and heavy and complicated. I asked them to show me the on and off buttons and where to ‘click’. Fortunately I didn’t need to take the photos after all. I have decided that my next learning experience will be photography : )

  2. Interesting that your school allows saws; I know some schools will literally expel a kid for even making a gun finger gesture or have a butter knife in their lunch bag. Glad to hear your school isn’t so extreme.

      • That makes sense. I’m glad that the school is taking a reasonable stand, and not letting appropriate tools get in the way of experiences. 🙂

  3. Ruth, does Canon supply the cameras for your students or does the school district purchase them. It seems that supplying cameras and gear to photography students might be a great market tool. If those kids get hooked, eventually they’re going to buy their own gear!

    • No Canon has not supplied anything. I got ten of the point and shoots by working an after school program and then I got ten more from from the district art department but they are NOT what I asked for. I would have rather had a few better models. The particular powershots take okay photos but the pastic on the lens cover is like a Kleenex. I am going to look into the DONORS CHOOSE program someone suggested. It is frustrating. the upside is that no one wants to steal a camera as their phones take better images! Thanks for writing.

      • I do hope you get some good cameras for your students. I know that many can do some nice things with their phones but most can’t and the phone will never have as much potential as a DSLR operated properly in the manual mode. Good luck with this!

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