Food Revolution Day Pittsburgh

Fortunately, I ran into a former colleague and her daughter and they were able to explain what was happening at the field at Obama Academy this afternoon when I was driving home from school. Food Revolution Day!   In conjunction with Jamie Oliver, the third annual Food Revolution Day was taking place all over the globe today.


I took home an organic purple pepper plant for my neighbor to plant in his garden.



Here is Jen’s daughter Wylie, feeding a kid at the petting zoo.

Wylie feeding a baby goat


I sampled some grilled cheese and Non GMO Shagbark Seed and Mill Corn Chips at the Food Truck

Grilled Cheese



Shagbark Seed and MIll Chips




Added Sugar

Sugar display…


BeesHelp the Bees by planting the right plants



Food REvolution


Lots of food to sample. This was on top of polenta.


East End Food CoopEast End Food Coop Exhibit








I ran into four people I know.


Wylie and her MomIMG_7557IMG_7551









8 thoughts on “Food Revolution Day Pittsburgh

  1. Sorry to have missed you!!!! So glad to have the pics. Salt of the Earth had a wonderful pasta. Avenue B and Spoon also had nice offerings. Kevin Sousa, now f rom Superior Motors in Braddock , had already left , but neighboring stands said he had had raspberry gespachio!!T he petting zoo was great! XOXO Erica

  2. I agree with Sue — looks like a great day! Wonderful learning experience, and good food!!! Nice!

  3. I like the effort that is being made to educate people about good food. Jamie Oliver is to be applauded in his efforts in this.

  4. “purple pepper plant” – say that three times fast! 🙂

    I like seeing your friends/people you know. They look like a great group!

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