The Stripes Looked Brown to Me

I never saw a zebra this close before. A relative to the horse and donkey. Love that mane!

These photos were taken last Friday at the Food Revolution Day, Pittsburgh.

Zebra foals are supposed to be brown and cream at birth according to what I could google. Depends on the breed.

The hair might be brown but the skin is black underneath?

This one didn’t look that young to me.

But I was so surprised to see the brown color in the light.


goat and zebra The petting zoo goat tries the grass on the zebra’s side of the fence.





zebra stripes in light

Looked brown to me




Thinking about petting the zebra

reach to pet the zebra

Reaching to pet the zebra

pet the zebra






There!  Petting the zebra.



lines and zebra

Lots of lines and patterns with zebra stripes and chain link fence.  On my way home…..



13 thoughts on “The Stripes Looked Brown to Me

    • Thanks Cee for your visit and comment. I got that info online but perhaps someone who knows more about zebras can let us know.

  1. I loved the zebra and goat face-to-face. Apparently the grass is always greener on the other side in the animal world, too.

  2. I’ve never seen a brown stripe on a zebra. Guess I didn’t see baby ones! I enjoyed these photos. I was rooting for the guy to work up the courage to pet him! 🙂

  3. Definitely brown but on the face either black or dark brown Nice juxtapositioning of lines with the fence.

  4. Are zebra white animals with black stripes or black animals with white stripes? or brown

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