Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Turned in the Grade Summary Reports and my keys. The room is able to be cleaned now the clutter is gone.

Got the  required signatures on my close-out sheet for School Year 2013-14 and took a photograph as I was getting ready to leave.

Thursday and Friday we go to training at another location from 8-3. Three o’clock Friday it will be School’s Out for the Summer.

Here is the room in response to the challengePhotography Classroom



A photo of a colleague in an art room upstairs, photographed almost exactly one year ago

art room



An a giant room/gym with the graduating class of 2013 last June, keeping with the school related room theme


graduation in the gym panorama


Click this link for the Top Five Songs for School’s Out for the Summer

(Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Al Green, Chuck Berry and  Supertramp are featured)

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

  1. Love your literally interpretation of this week’s theme. I really like you panorama shot. It turned out quite straight and looks well aligned. Rarely do my pano shots turn out like that – usually it’s stitched together awkwardly with things out of place and I have to edit it to make it look pretty. Well done to you 🙂

  2. Your room looks perfect. I remember the feeling of closing up the school year. I am wishing you a wonderful summer!

  3. Never was a student in a classroom that looks like yours! I’m sure it not just because you are teaching photography!!! Love the School colors!!! That’s some gym!!!!

  4. The end of the school year was always bittersweet for me. Indeed, nearly every ending in my life is that way. But endings have to occur in order for new things to begin…

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