Dancing at Bougival as Turn of the Century Giant Sculpture

I was downtown at the Camera Repair Service again.  Don’t ask.  Used a different camera card to experiment and tes.

Here is the delight of the day- (Stef!) 

A monumental sculpture by J Seward Johnson has been at PPG Place for “about four days”, the guard said.

But don’t worry.  The giant dancers will be in place until October.

Dancing at Bougival (painted in 1883 by Pierre A. Renoiris in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Dancing at Bougival Fountains





Dancing at Bougival PPG Place4





Dancing at Bougival PPG Place5





Dancing at Bougival PPG Place3



Dancing at Bougival PPG Place2




Dancing at Bougival PPG Place

From underneath

A Turn of the Century (1)


A Turn of the Century  faces

Using the 100-300 Canon lens to get a closer look



Self Portrait at PPG PLace

The reflective glass made for a clear self portrait.


17 thoughts on “Dancing at Bougival as Turn of the Century Giant Sculpture

  1. Oh this is fabulous, Ruth!!!!! I have an Umbrella from the Carnegie of just this painting. There was a photo of this in the PPG this week – now I’ve got to go find it and read the “back story.” Thanks for making the dancers front and center!!!!!!!! XOXXOXO I hope it gets as much attention as THE YELLOW DUCK! 🙂

  2. That is a must see! – Fantastic pictures Ruth E – especially the self portrait!

  3. The photos are great, but the first photo is so beautiful and looks really refreshing in this warm weather. I like your selfie 🙂

  4. Sure wish I could come and see that dancing couple in person! Fabulous! Loved the one of you, too!

  5. A delight indeed! I love that you thought of me. 🙂

    I also enjoyed seeing all of the different perspectives; this statue feels like a gentle and loving embrace. Makes my heart smile.

    I hope your camera situation is all worked out now, and that the repairs didn’t set you too far back… 🙁

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